Repare Therapeutics ($RPTX)

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RPTX Overview

Repare Therapeutics, a precision oncology company, discovers and develops novel therapeutics by using its synthetic lethality approach in Canada.The company use its SNIPRx, a proprietary, genome-wide, and CRISPR-enabled platform to systematically discover and develop highly targeted cancer therapies focused on genomic instability, including DNA damage repair.Its lead product candidate is RP-3500, an oral small molecule inhibitor for the treatment of solid tumors with specific DNA damage repair-related genomic alterations.It is also developing CCNE1-SL inhibitor, a proprietary drug discovery program for tumors with amplification of CCNE1; and Polymerase Theta program, a SL target associated with BRCA mutations and other genomic alterations.The company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Montréal, Canada. (From: StockAnalysis.com)

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