FuboTV Bear Gives Company Slim Chance of Surviving Streaming Wars | Voices of Wall Street


Mar 15, 2021

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FuboTV Bear Gives Company Slim Chance of Surviving Streaming Wars | Voices of Wall Street


In a new "Voices of Wall Street," host Hope King speaks with Andrew Freedman, Hedgeye's Communications Sector Head, about his bear case for fuboTV. fuboTV, along with many investors, is optimistic about the opportunity in streaming subscriptions, connected TV advertising, and sports betting. However, Freedman says the company has a small probability of surviving due to the "structurally unprofitable, broken" business model. Freedman adds that fuboTV is expanding into sports betting because it knows the streaming business is unsustainable as a standalone unit, but argues the costs of launching a sportsbook will be difficult to manage. Freedman admits there are two paths for fuboTV to achieve long-term success, and lays out the scenarios for fuboTV to emerge as a winner in the streaming wars. For more from "Voices of Wall Street": https://twitter.com/VoicesofWallSt https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNXitUPWm2FPIRJYQaeRcjQ https://www.voicesofwallstreet.com/ Bullish is a conversation about money for the curious. Earn more, spend smarter and grow your money in a way that's right for you. Follow us: https://bullish.studio https://twitter.com/BullishStudios https://www.instagram.com/bullishstudios/

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FuboTV is the leading sports-first, live TV streaming platform, offering subscribers access to tens of thousands of live sporting events annually as well as leading news and entertainment content.fuboTV’s platform allows customers to access content through streaming devices, and on SmartTVs, mobile phones, tablets and computers. fuboTV Pre-Merger launched in 2015 and today is a leading independent virtual multichannel video programming distributor, or vMVPD, in the United States.fuboTV Pre-Merger closed 2019 with approximately 316,000 paid Subscribers. Over the course of 2019, fuboTV Pre-Merger’s paid Subscribers and free trial Users streamed a total of 299 million hours of content on our platform, a 210% increase over 2018.Furthermore, fuboTV Pre-Merger’s MAUs are highly engaged and have watched on average 140 hours of content per month during the three months ended June 30, 2020. (From: StockAnalysis.com)



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