Jim Cramer's Sexist Take on Cathie Wood’s Tesla Grab (REACTION!) | Money Drama


Feb 28, 2021

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Jim Cramer's Sexist Take on Cathie Wood’s Tesla Grab (REACTION!) | Money Drama


Welcome back to “Money Drama,” where our host Stock Will guides you through all the ups and downs, twists and turns of last week’s markets. In a fresh episode, Stock Will highlights the blatant hater vibes (read: sexism) in Jim Cramer's recent takedown of Cathie Wood, CEO of ARK Investment Management LLC. Cramer criticizes Wood for buying Tesla ($TSLA) stock during a dip, which is ironic given that the "Mad Money" host was once a Tesla bull before changing his tune. So where's all the hate coming from? As Stock Will says, "Can we not count someone out because they're doing better than you... or because they're the opposite gender of you?!?!" Stock Will breaks down why the Cathie Wood haters are wack. After all, would a cis male investor be given the same treatment from Jim Cramer? Don't hate, appreciate! Want to see more content from Will as he starts his epic investment journey? Follow him on socials: TikTok: @webainvestments Instagram: @stockwill For more from Bullish, follow us: twitter.com/bullishstudios instagram.com/bullishstudios Bullish is a conversation about money for the curious. Earn more, spend smarter and grow your money in a way that's right for you.

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Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Since its founding in 2003, Tesla has broken new barriers in developing high-performance automobiles that are not only the world’s best and highest-selling pure electric vehicles—with long range and absolutely no tailpipe emissions—but also the safest, highest-rated cars on the road in the world. Beyond the flagship Model S sedan and the falcon-winged door Model X sports utility vehicle, Tesla also offers a smaller, simpler and more affordable mid-sized sedan, Model 3, which it is expected will truly propel electric vehicles into the mainstream. In addition, with the opening of the Gigafactory and the acquisition of SolarCity, Tesla now offers a full suite of energy products that incorporates solar, storage, and grid services. As the world’s only fully integrated sustainable energy company, Tesla is at the vanguard of the world’s inevitable shift towards a sustainable energy platform.



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