To Infinity & Beyond

Virgin Galactic shares surged more than 9% after reaching a deal with NASA to train astronauts for trips to the International Space Station. [CNN]

Staying Home

Google will see a 5.3% drop in US advertising revenue in 2020, marking the first decline in ad revenue growth since the research firm began modeling the business in 2008. [CNBC]

Going Green

Lyft is making a pledge to offer rides only in electric vehicles by 2030, while also canceling a program to help cut carbon emissions. [CNN]

Whiskey vs Trump

American whiskey distillers are down $340 million due to Trump’s trade wars. Bourbon, Tennessee and rye whiskey have declined by a third since a 25% tariff went into effect in June 2018.[CNN]

“Close the door”

Ford is recalling more than 2 million vehicles in the US because the doors could open while the vehicle is being driven. [CNN]

$0 Budget Blockbuster Hit

Unsubscribe, a 29-minute horror movie with a $0 budget shot entirely on video-conferencing app Zoom, generated $25,488 in ticket sales on June 10. [BBC]

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