Winter is coming. And while outdoor dining has become the go-to move for people trying to get back some semblance of normalcy in the time of COVID-19, the impact of cold weather looms over the heads of restaurant owners and customers alike.

Luckily there is a solution to keep the lights on and customers warm. And it also happens to be an epic trading idea from our friends at Dumb Money: propane.

Restaurant owners like Dumb Money’s very own Chris Camillo are buying more propane than usual. A key component for patio heat lamps and outdoor family grills, propane is becoming more and more in demand for those trying to get creative with how they can offer meals during COVID-19.

In this latest episode on DumbMoney’s YouTube channel, the guys break down the uptick in search for patio heaters, how the pandemic actually helped the propane industry bounce back, what this increase in demand means for companies like the stock of the week Suburban Propane Partners ($SPH) and whether you should invest in propane or not. 

We’ll just have to see just how cold this winter gets. But for now, DumbMoney is bullish on propane.

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Chris Camillo, Dave Hanson and Jordan Mclain of DumbMoney are self-made millionaires who quit their day jobs to focus full-time on investing. The guys go live on their channel Mondays and Thursday to reveal their personal stock market investments — and the ones they wish they had invested in. Bullish is a proud partner of this channel.

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