People are starting to wonder what the retail crowd will do next after r/WallStreetBets’ tremendous success with squeezing the shorts. Their next trades may not be as magnificent and widely covered, but knowing what the investing community’s most prominent group is talking about might provide some investors with an edge. In order to predict the next big trade, Bullish is taking a look at two tools investors can use to tap this crystal ball on markets — without even having to browse it themselves. 

1. Quiver Quant’s Wall Street Bets Sentiment Tracker

Quiver Quant’s Wall Street Bets (WSB) sentiment tracker is one of the best tools to gauge what the now infamous crowd is chatting about. Quiver Quant crawls the subreddit to figure out user conversation topics, the daily return of each stock and a graph of “sentiment” (or how the subreddit is feeling about the stock).

Quiver Quant's WSB stock tracker shows what stocks are dominating the subreddit's conversation and how these stocks are performing in trading, pictured Jan. 28.
Quiver Quant’s WSB stock tracker shows what stocks are dominating the subreddit’s conversation and how these stocks are performing in trading, pictured Jan. 28.

This above screenshot from the sentiment tracker, taken Thursday, shows which stocks were most talked about and the returns they made. This was also the same day Robinhood and other brokers stopped buy orders in stocks with high short float ratios, which has been systematically attacked by WSB to create a short squeeze opportunity. The lion’s share of the WSB crowd’s conversations revolved around stocks which were trading down significantly. But if you take a closer look at some of the smaller players, you might see opportunities for momentum investing.

Overall, Quiver Quant’s tool offers a high-level view of the WSB crowd’s discussions. The tool can help save you some time browsing through conversations and ascertaining your own insights. If used properly, you might even get ahead of the curve.

2. Swaggy Stocks’ Reddit & WSB Tools

Swaggy Stocks’ reddit and WSB tools offer one of the most robust platforms for social arb. They have a whole section on their site dedicated to Wall Street Bets trends and sentiment. You can easily and quickly see what stocks are trending, discussions about stocks across Reddit and ticker sentiment interest over time.

SwaggyStocks' WSB Ticker Sentiment breaks down several trending stocks on Jan. 28.
SwaggyStocks’ WSB Ticker Sentiment breaks down several trending stocks , pictured Jan. 28.

In the case of the ticker sentiment, captured above on Thursday, you can clearly see the proportion of positive and negative comments around tickers like $GME, $AMC and $NOK. You can also see the volume of conversation in each ticker. For some investors, this can provide insight into what conversations are currently capturing the economy of attention on WSB.

Of course, there are a handful of valuable tools on Swaggy Stocks. Most of their pages are dedicated to social arb strategies, which may allow you to discover opportunities before they exist. Conversations, sentiment and interest are all strong indicators of present and future momentum stocks.

Using social arb and technical trading tools might give a new generation of investors a real edge. If you’re a new trader and looking for a natural entry point, our Bullish Rippers series is dedicated to just that. If you’re seeking financial media that doesn’t suck, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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