No Bull with Zaid is back with our third installment! On this week’s episode, Zaid is here to talk all things TikTok, Oracle and Walmart. Who better to react to the whirlwind of TikTok news than our favorite popular TikTok creator? 

Here’s a preview of what to expect this episode:

  • What exactly the newly branded TikTok Global is
  • What this deal means for Walmart, Oracle and ByteDance
  • The rollercoaster of a process to get Trump’s final approval
  • Why we shouldn’t celebrate just yet

For now, we’re just going to keep enjoying mindlessly (and endlessly) scrolling through TikTok. And we’ll let Zaid take it from here: 

About No Bull with Zaid:

Bullish is excited to launch our new Youtube series with social media storyteller and TikTok star Zaid Admani. No Bull with Zaid explains market trends, changes in technology and what moves major companies are making next – but  without all the BS. Zaid tells it how it is, explaining exactly what you need to know and why.

Zaid’s story, much like his content, is anything but conventional. By day, Zaid works as a civil engineer in Houston. But once his nine-to-five ends, he creates content for his over 180,000 TikTok followers and 3,200 Youtube subscribers. On TikTok, Zaid is best known for spitting facts about business and technology. He’s your go-to guy for hot takes from the world of business and finance. 

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