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Ellen DeGeneres is one of America’s most well-known personalities in the entertainment industry. From actress to television personality, DeGeneres has filled many roles. In addition to being a superstar on the screen, she’s also an avid investor. And, she has the means to do so. DeGeneres has a net worth of $275 million and brought in $87.5 million in 2018 alone, as reported by Forbes. 

So, what does this successful entertainer invest in? We break it all down in this edition of Celebrity Portfolio

Home Is Where the Heart Is

One of the top investments DeGeneres makes relates to property acquisition. Although she’s stated in an interview with the New York Times that her purpose for buying these palatial estates is not to flip them and make a profit, DeGeneres does have a lot of purchase and sale investment experience in her portfolio. Here are some of her prior real estate purchases and sales as detailed in Money and the Los Angeles Times:

  • Lakefront Townhouse in Westlake Village, California: Sold for $980,000 in 2019
  • Adam Levine’s Mansion in Beverly Hills, California: Bought for $42.5 million in 2019
  • Beach House in Carpinteria, California: Sold for 23 million in 2019
  • Hollywood Regency-style House in Beverly Hills, California: Sold for 15.5 million in 2019
  • Rancho San Leandro in Montecito, California: Bought for $7.2 million in 2017; Sold for $11 million in 2018
  • The Brody House in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California: Bought for $40 million in January 2014; Sold for $55 million in July 2014
  • Skouras Residence in Beverly Hills, California: Bought for $17.4 million in 2012; Sold for $20 million in 2013
  • Beverly Hills Estate in Beverly Hills, California: Bought for $48 million in 2008; Sold for $37 million in 2012
  • Horse Ranch in Thousand Oaks, California: Bought for $8.5 million in 2008; Sold for $10.85 million in 2013
  • Two Condos in Los Angeles, California: Bought for $13.2 million (both condos) in 2014; Sold for $11.85 million 2017 (both condos)
  • Beach House in Malibu, California: Bought for $12 million in 2011; Sold for $13 million in 2012
Mansion in Beverly Hills was bought by Ellen for $42.5 million in ’19

With real estate high on her list of purchases, it will be interesting to see what property investments are next for DeGeneres. 

Showing Kindness Towards Animals and Investing in Miyoko’s

VegNews reported in November 2019 that DeGeneres and spouse Portia de Rossi had invested in vegan brand Miyoko’s. The reason for the investment was explained to VegNews by DeGeneres as follows:

 “Being kind to one another is not just about people, it extends to animals as well,” DeGeneres said. “Portia and I have been customers of Miyoko’s Creamery for several years now and [its] cheeses and vegan butter have become staples in our home. As we learned more about the mission behind the products and about [founder] Miyoko [Schinner] herself, we knew this was a special and exciting company that we wanted to support.” 

The undisclosed amount was given to Miyoko’s to help with the launch of new products in 2020. 

A Partnership with Walmart Brings Two Big Names Together

In 2018, DeGeneres partnered with Walmart to sell products from her clothing and accessories line, ED by Ellen and EV1. The ED by Ellen brand started before the partnership with Walmart and began as a home decor line. Now, in addition to being sold at Walmart, ED by Ellen products, including clothing, accessories, home decor, and pet products, are also available at Macy’s, PetSmart, Nordstrom, and Bed, Bath & Beyond.  

Giving is Better Than Receiving

In addition to investing in items and companies, DeGeneres invests in people and helping others, which says a lot about her character and way of living. SheKnows reported that DeGeneres donated to a wide array of charitable organizations and individuals in many ways including the following:

And, these are just a few examples of DeGeneres’ generosity in using her money to help others. 

Timing is Everything

As for personal spending, one of the categories of items that DeGeneres has an affinity for is luxury watches. In October 2019, DeGeneres added to her luxury watch collection by purchasing a vintage late 1960s gold Rolex Daytona, according to the New York Times. This lovely timepiece cost approximately $750,000. She is an avid lover of Rolex watches and has also shown an interest in Patek Philippe watches in the past as well.

As DeGeneres continues to expand in her role as a television personality, it will be interesting to see where her future investments take her and how she’ll use her money to pursue new and exciting opportunities. 

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