Welcome back to Bullish Rippers, where every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we’re covering the up-and-coming stocks on the U.S. markets reaching new heights. Stocks continued a week-long winning streak, with global stock markets rallying. 

Today’s list of Bullish Rippers is filled with a bunch of companies we’ve never heard of, but why not start with our usual offenders 🤷‍♂️

📲 $FVRR added 18% today in trading and $OSTK added 14%, contributing to an already meteoric rise this quarter. These two have been a stronghold for serious gains over the last few days – and given the momentum, it is hard telling if investors are just going through a phase or truly committed to these internet retail players.

But as for what’s new, there’s a lot to unpack ⬇️

💊 Bringing drugs from abroad to the U.S. has become big money, and Horizon Therapeutics helps ‘specialty drugs’ enter North American markets. $HZNP was our biggest gainer today, soaring 24% in trading. In afterhours, the company announced a new offering – which cut some points off their big trading day, but will largely work to fund new internal initiatives.

💳 Coronavirus has played a great role in pushing buyers to secure insurance for themselves, but what about their pets? $TRUP threw investors a bone in the form of positive earnings and outlook for their pet insurance business. Their 23% gain in trading today was a huge treat for investors and helped them hop above the $2 billion market cap.

💌 Investors are swiping right on Match Group, which positioned itself as a defensive tech play early in the pandemic, continues to inspire investors with the stock trading up 12% today. $MTCH owns popular dating apps like Tinder and Hinge which have seen monthly active users and paying subscribers grow tremendously in the quarter.

🔌 An interesting story from today’s Rippers list can be found in electrical power company Vertiv. $VRT provides electrical equipment catered for data centers, communication networks and other physical tech operations. Amidst a rapid expansion in the data centers, $VRT has scaled generously by providing value to high-value partners. Though at the bottom of the Rippers list today, their 11% gain represented the steepest intraday climb in their stock’s history.

That wraps today’s Ripper list, check back on Friday for our end-of-week recap 📈📈📈

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