Here at Bullish, we love making content with the greatest investors and sharpest creators. And if there’s two people who completely embody that, it’s SPAC legend Chamath Palihapitiya and FinTwit legend Howard Lindzon

Chamath is not only the founder and CEO of Social Capital, he's also owner of the Golden State Warriors and chairman at Virgin Galactic. Chamath's company Social Capital is a Palo Alto-based venture capital firm that partners with philanthropists, technologists and capitalists to create value and change on a global scale. 

Howard Lindzon is the co-founder and chairman of Stocktwits, founder and general partner at Social Leverage, and host of the podcast Panic with Friends. He’s a prolific writer and serial entrepreneur who certainly knows a thing or two about fintech. 

When we put these two smart, hilarious, and highly opinionated people on a Zoom call together, it was nothing short of magic. These two could talk for hours. So, we’re breaking down the top five moments from their full “Investing for Profit and Joy” episode that kept us laughing, made us think and taught us something new.

1. Chamath's Outlook & The Next Generation Squawk Box Cramer's Mad Money

In this video, Chamath and Howard discuss life after COVID-19, eToro, the value of social communities, the next generation's "Mad Money" and why banks are screwed.

2. Bitcoin, Community and Not Being a D*ck - Chamath's Advice to Robinhood Investors

In this video, Chamath and Howard discuss bitcoin, Stocktwits, Robinhood and his advice for people interested in investing in cryptocurrency — "be open and be kind."

3. Chamath's Epic 2020 Leveraged Stock Market Trade

In this video, Chamath talks with Howard about the future of Social Capital, what ETFs he's betting on and why he believes SPACs, ETFs and BDCs are the future of investing.

4. Is a Biotech Chamath's next SPAC?

In this video, Chamath and Howard talk retail, millennial investors, SPACs, biotech and more.

5. Chamath on launching 26 SPACs & Robinhood Investors

In this video, Chamath and Howard discuss their Canadian roots, SPACs, the value of social communities, eToro, %why banks are screwed, Bitcoin, his investing perspective and advice for the next generation of investors: “You are the future. Be kind and intellectually curious.” 

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